Komali | Misfit’s Anthem

Komali ( Misfit’s Anthem ), a Tamil Music Video dedicated to all those misfits, troublemakers, rebels and the crazy ones who are stuck in the routines and confusions of life. This is not an ordinary story, this is not your story… Or is it ?

Music composed by Sidhartha Pradeep, Sung by Nithin Raj, Lyrics written by Jayakumar N (Rap Lyrics by Nithin Raj). Video direction done by Shersha Sherief, Produced by Filmy Engineers, Muzik247 is the official music partner

Singer : Nithin Raj
Backing Vocals : Amrita Jayakumar , Vishnu Mani , Sidhartha Pradeep
Lyrics : Jayakumar N
Rap Lyrics : Nithin Raj
Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by : Sidhartha Pradeep

Keyboard and Rhythm Programmer : Sidhartha Pradeep
Bass Guitar : Matt Bacon
Violin : Aswin Kumar

Sound Design : Anoop Kammaran
Mix and Mastering : Leroy C Jerson (Le Music Studio)
Record Engineers : Leroy C Jerson (Le Music Studio,Chennai)
Sunish Anand (Benzon Studios,Trivandrum)
Anoop Kammaran (AK Studios,Trivandrum)

Director : Shersha Sherief
Associate Director : Arun Kumar
DOP : Luke Jose
Editor : Appu
Assistant cam : Jishnu
Art Direction : Sreeraj Rajendran
Lighting : Balu (ACS) and team
Colour & Grading : Harikrishnan
Camera & Equipments : Yogesh and team
Poster design: Sumesh
Cast : Shersha, Raghvi (Joker girl), Aravind GS (manager), Aanya (girl child)

Super Support team : Mathews, Aravind G.S, Arjun Raja, Arjun Muralidharan, Ashwathi P, Akhil S Kumar, Mridul Bhatti, Bodhipuspa Panda

Thanks – Sherna Sherief, Riaz Humayun, Arunlal Pillai, Bhive team (Bangalore), Aanya, Argya and family

Location courtesy: Bhive co-work space

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