Anoop Kammaran

A Singer, Music Producer, Sound Designer / Engineer, Audio Mix-Engineer, Blogger and Technologist.

Trained in the Carnatic Classical style of Music since the age of 3, Anoop Kammaran has been influenced by the masters and many of the leading “doyens” from the same. With an intense passion for Music and Technology, he has been experimenting with various styles of music since the age of 9 and has been performing as part of multiple bands during school and college. He was away for quite a long time to complete his education and is now back after earning a Masters degree from Illinois Institute of Technology.

In addition to being a gifted vocalist, Anoop plays the Guitar as well as the Keyboard and is also a composer. He is a perfectionist with a style of music thats rooted deep into the classics, but in his own way. These days, in addition to being a solo artist, Anoop is working as a Recording / Mix engineer and Sound Designer in the Indian Film Industry and is also a member of the band called Scales ‘n’ Hammers.